VR in the Travel Industry

VR in the Travel Industry

Applications for VR Use in the Travel Industry

Airlines & Rail Companies

Giving customers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of an aircraft cabin or railcar is a good way to secure fast bookings. Giving a guided tour of the terminal or station can also help customers become oriented with the check-in and booking process before they arrive. Familiarization with shops, lounges, information desks, and security procedures can also help reduce customer anxiety for those who have not traveled before.


VR tours are an excellent way to lure travelers to your destination, where yours is a popular hotspot, or a hidden gem. Whether you choose to have a customized VR app developed, or to add a 360 video player to your website, the long term ROI can be substantial.

Car Rental Companies

The car rental business is an integral part of the travel industry, but customers are not always happy with the vehicle they are provided. Using VR to display the agency’s fleet can help customers make a confident selection before they arrive.

Conference Centers & Exhibition Centers

Not all travel is for pleasure. Business travel comprises a huge part of the travel market. VR tours are an excellent way to help visitors become familiar with where they need to go within a conference or exhibition center complex. Adding guided virtual tours on the facility website can save visitors time and frustration getting to their conference or exhibit.


Nearly every travel plan includes seeking out the local cuisine. Including tours of  restaurants in VR travel guides can increase sales and help travelers have a more enjoyable experience while visiting your location.

Theaters, Sports Arenas, & Concert Halls

Any venue can benefit from providing customers with a virtual tour before arrival. Many customers travel great distances to see a performance or game, and exploring your facility before their trip can help them be better oriented when they arrive.