Voice Digital Services Virtual Reality Application

VR Visage was approached by Voice Digital Services to create a virtual reality application that they could use at trade shows around the country to tell the story of how they are different from their competitors. This challenge was to show how VDS’ client solutions don’t stop from the point where the sale is made, but continues on. The user takes a virtual ride down the “sales funnel” to a street scene where they determine how a restaurant is doing based on the marketing mix they selected to buy from either VDS or their competitors.

Voice Digital Services wanted to make a splash at trade shows that they attend, to give their booth something exciting to attract people and help them relate to their service

Our team is made up of professional app designers and virtual reality experts, a very unique make-up in what is such a new technology. On top of that, we are professional digital media experts, with experience as a full production studio, capable of delivering digital on every platform.

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Objectives Completed

 3D Fully Custom Designed Application

Brand Placement Within Application

On-site Training

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Headsets Utilized


Oculus GO

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