Virtual Reality Training Demand On The Rise

One thing, amongst many, we have learned through the Covid-19 pandemic is that the business world will have to change how they communicate with each other and that goes for outside of the business as well as internally. This pandemic has much of the workforce working at home, and this may not change for some positions when restrictions are finally lifted. Working remotely has many advantages such as: reducing office size and footprint your company requires, it offers a greater work/life balance for your employees, and it reduces the amount of vehicles on the road and because of this reduces emissions in this world. Working from home also has its disadvantages, one of the biggest is not being able to have face to face contact with some employees.

Due to the increase in work-from-home situations, paired with restrictions on travel, one big problem has emerged. How do companies train their employees on software, complex machinery, new hardware, etc, without being directly in front of them? This has created a recent demand for virtual and augmented reality training applications and software. While some companies were ahead of the trend of VR/AR before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the entire world in mid March, others are scrambling to create the same type of environment that trainees face when they are on-site with a trainer. This can be replicated by using a virtual reality environment. A virtual reality training application will allow the trainer to turn dials just the same as if they are in front of an actual machine, or get instant feedback from the product or machine to tell them they need to change their approach. Using virtual reality technology is a great way to replicate the environment of a workspace, which in turn is powerful for the employees retention.

Augmented reality applications are also a powerful tool for training outside of the training facility or workplace. Most people have a smart phone or tablet that allows them to download the latest training procedures your company has available. Augmented reality can put items in front of the trainee through the phone screen and allows them to manipulate them with commands through the device. Augmented reality is a great way to show the process a machine or product completes through a visual 3D representation.

The world is different now, and it calls for new training tools for your employees to use. Contact VR Visage today to start the process of your virtual or augmented reality training application.