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Creating a virtual reality tour using 360 aerial photography and videography is a great way to capture your resort or real estate listing. 360 virtual reality tour applications allow you to recreate the feeling of being present in a specific spot or as a tool to show clients where a specific project will be. Whether you are an experience provider or a product developer, VR is the right call for your company.

In the coming years, VR tour applications will change the way customers and potential clients interact with your developments, spaces, and services. Being at the forefront of this movement will put businesses in the position to capitalize on a new generation of people conditioned to look for virtual reality content as a standard.



Use a VR Tour application as a way to market your business or experience. This immersive experience will help you to transport a prospect to your desired result. 


Whether you have a new development project in the planning stages, in full construction mode, or at the point of completion, let a VR application show it off. 


Your travel experience can now be virtual for showcase at certain sales events, or to show prospective travel agencies. This will be the tool that will give you the edge. 


Let your resort come to life when you are 1000 miles away from the grounds. VR will transport a user to the site and have them booking in no time.  



Pre-Production of your Aerial 360 video application is what we call our “Conceptual Design Phase.” During this phase we are scouting the specific area and creating a story board for what you want to capture in your custom 360 photos. Also during this stage we begin to discuss and create your custom video menu in a virtual reality space that will showcase all of the experiences available to your audience. 


Production is our first step in our second phase of your 360 aerial video application, we call this our “Working Demo Phase.” During this phase we begin our capturing process. This is shot with our state of the art 360 camera that can be stationary or used on drones for aerial photography and video. At this stage we are working with our clients to get the shots we have discussed and gain additional footage in order to create the greatest experience. 


Development is the second step in our “Working Demo Phase”  of your custom 360 aerial video application. During this phase we are editing the 360 aerial video and creating the virtual reality video application and allow our clients to change some elements of the design to guarantee the highest satisfaction of your final product. 


Post-Production is the final phase of the overall development where we add in the final touches. During this phase we add our final sounds and audio, load the product on to the virtual reality headsets, and deliver the product to our client. In this phase we will also train our clients on how to operate the content and headset so you are ready to use it for your customers. 

VR Visage is here to help. Contact us and let us start with a free consultation to get you started on your way to developing your own virtual reality content and applications, available on all major platforms.

Virtual Reality is here to stay. But if you’re jumping into this new technology for your business, whether it be in advertising and marketing, sales, trade shows, or conferences, you need a source of the best information on virtual reality out there. VR Visage is here for you.

Our team is made up of career creatives, with decades of experience delivering traditional video, photography, sound design, motion graphics, and 3D animation and modeling. These, we believe, are the pillars of virtual reality.

Contact us to speak with a virtual reality professional to consult on your project.

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