Virtual Reality in Professional Sports

Virtual Reality in Professional Sports

The buzz around virtual reality is spreading like crazy, with everyone and everything trying to get their hands on it in different ways. The most recent industry to go all-in on virtual reality is professional sports. Think of how far watching a game of your favorite team has come in the last 10 years. The evolution of television technology and high definition to the way sports are broadcasted from networks that allow you to watch multiple games at once. Now the jump all the leagues are trying to make is to virtual reality.

Imagine being court-side, moving your head to see the different angles of the game without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Recently Turner Sports and Intel have teamed up to provide a view to an NBA game just like that. Coming this winter, you’ll be able to choose from which part of the arena you want to view live action from. Intel will be placing cameras at various locations in the arena to give a full scale view of all that is going on in the game and give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

This ability to go virtual has a huge potential in the global reach for a league like the NBA. With the league’s popularity already soaring in other parts of the world, this is a great way to have them view a game without the expense of travel and tickets to a game. The NBA is a league stocked with international players, and now the fans of these players will have an inside look at how they look on an National Basketball Association court.

The NFL is also getting in on the action, with a company called NextVR. They allow you to view the game in Virtual Reality after the game is complete. The ability to watch the games in Virtual Reality gives the super fan an ability to review game in a way the players and coaches do in film study and analyze all angles of the play. This post game production will probably change in the near future with how the NBA virtual reality will go with live-time viewing, but for now it is still a fantastic experience.

VR Visage is always keeping eyes out for new technology and new avenues of Virtual Reality, so this is very exciting from where we sit. It won’t be long to where you use Virtual Reality in your daily life. Stay Tuned for what’s next! Contact Us at VR Visage to book us for your custom content or Virtual Reality Experience!