Virtual Reality Christmas List: Games

Virtual Reality Christmas List: Games

With the Holidays right around the corner, its time to look what the hot virtual reality items on the market are going to be to fill a stocking or put under a tree. These games will have you locked in your virtual world for hours dogfighting in space or scaling Everest. Pick any or all of these games and you will not disappoint the gift recipient. If you haven’t thought Virtual Reality this season you’re doing it wrong!


Be Transported to basecamp of Mount Everest as you ready yourself for the climb of your life. With this Virtual Reality experience you will have your heart pumping at times and a feeling of total achievement when you reach the summit, if you can! This game is perfect for the adventurous one in your wolfpack. They will be smiling ear to ear when they take the headset off.

This game allows 5 different experiences that climber face from when they ready for the climb to when they are fully engaged with the event itself.

Raw Data VR

This first person shooter will be a winner with anyone this season. A high octane experience that will allow you to enter a sci-fi lovers dream universe. Enter the minds of 4 different characters and walk around as your favorite to satisfy your Virtual Reality itch. This shooter will keep you coming back to it.


Resident Evil 7 

The Resident Evil name has been a huge name for gamers for as long as many can remember. This time try it out on Virtual Reality. If you’re buying this one for someone who is immersed in the Resident Evil scene or just someone looking for a fun Virtual Reality game, this is the one!

Eve Valkyrie


Here is a game that is built for Virtual Reality. Sure you can play it on a regular gaming system, but the experience you will have when you put on the headset will blow your mind. Imagine being in a futuristic dogfight in space.

Darknet VR

This one is designed to activate your brain. Perfect for the deep thinker in your group! Become a cyber-hacker. Insert viruses before an anti-virus comes and wipes you out! Have fun with this brain-teasing Virtual Reality.

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