Top Virtual Reality Games Your Attendees Will Love

Top Virtual Reality Games Your Attendees Will Love

Virtual reality is quickly becoming one of the most sought after attractions at corporate events, trade shows, and birthday parties. It is fun for all ages to put a head set on and imagine they are in another world.

Your virtual reality event can be customized to give a certain theme that the crowd wants to experience. From climbing a mountain in the Alps on “The Climb” to shooting 3-point baskets against the clock or catching a touchdown pass in “VR Sports Challenge.”

At events we have seen kids as young as 4 to adults 70+ take the headset off with the largest possible smile on their face with only one word coming out of their mouths…”WOW.” Here are some of the top experiences for your next virtual reality event.

The Climb

Imagine throwing on the headset and hand controls and being transported to the face of a mountain, with only your hands holding on to allow you amazing views when you look left and right. Then you attempt to scale the mountain while having the same obstacles as a real climb meet you along the way up. Whether it be a difficult move to the next hold or having to chalk your hands to keep them from slipping off.

That’s what you get with “The Climb.” This experience is perfect for the adventurous members of the crowd and will having them wanting to swing back to see how far on the mountain they can climb.


VR Sports Challenge

This experience is perfect for anyone who is a fan of professional sports, or the novice who just loves shooting hoops. This game puts you on the biggest stages in sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

When you put on the head set you enter a 3-point basketball challenge, or a packed football stadium with the ball coming at you as fast as it is in the pros. Want to have a home run challenge with your friends? No problem. This game will get the competitive juices flowing between groups that attend your conference, trade show, or birthday.


Tilt Brush

Enter a blank canvas with “Tilt Brush” and allow your creative side to take over. Want to create your own masterpiece? How about creating a design that’s been in your head for years? It is all possible with your imagination coming to life in this game.

Show off your designs with your friends, co-workers, customers and they will want to experience it themselves. “Tilt Brush” in a VR Experience will change the way you view what is possible not only in technology but in your mind.


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