Polo Fest Virtual Reality Application

VR Visage was approached by Horseplay TV to take a preview of the polo experience to a whole new level. They wanted to create a virtual reality application that would showcase what it is like to be a polo player–and not just any polo player–but to sit on the horse (or in the saddle) and ride with the #1 player in the world, Adolofo Cambiaso

he Denver Polo Fest is a sporting event that has turned in to an all-out entertainment spectacle. VR Visage created a virtual reality application including a 360 video menu and 360 video navigation

Our team is made up of professional app designers and virtual reality experts, a very unique make-up in what is such a new technology. On top of that, we are professional digital media experts, with experience as a full production studio, capable of delivering digital on every platform.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.58.14 PM
Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 12.09.59 PM

Objectives Completed

 3D Fully Custom Designed Application

Editing of Footage

Brand Placement Within Application

VIP Event


Headsets Utilized


Oculus GO

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