Oculus Quest: Why We Are Excited

Oculus Quest: Why We Are Excited

Oculus will release the new headset named “Quest” sometime this spring, 2019. This headset is an all-in-one unit meaning that right out of the box, with a reliable wifi signal, you can begin to explore the wonder that Oculus has brought to the table. This stand alone headset does not require a PC to run it, nor does it require a display screen to navigate what you are doing. Think of it as having the wireless capabilities of the Oculus Go, with the game play components of the Oculus Rift.

When the Oculus Rift came on to the market a few years ago, it changed the VR game. Along with the HTC Vive, the Rift was the premier wired headset that allowed gamers and trainers alike to transport people into a virtual world with the best cameras, content, and control of the environment possible. But the VR market needed something more, to rid themselves of wires and expensive computers to run them on.

So along came the Oculus Go, a standalone unit run by not much more than a charge, internet connection, and an account on your phone. This headset is making VR go mainstream, but it doesn’t have the capabilities as far as functionality, control, and gameplay as the Oculus Rift has. So Oculus is tackling this challenge with the new Oculus Quest headset.

This headset is exciting on a few levels. For one, the ability to have the gameplay of the rift without the use of the external tracking pods connected via a USB connection to a large PC is obvious. From there you start to think of the room scale possibilities paired with the ability to set this rig up wherever you would like, and your head wants to explode. No more warnings coming from the Oculus software to tell you that your play area is too small or the trackers are not far enough apart. At a starting price of 399.00, the Quest is comparable to the Oculus Rift in cost without the need for a large PC.

We are excited for this headset to hit the market so we can start messing around with it and seeing it’s true potential, and you should be too!