What makes a fun Virtual Reality event in Denver, Colorado?

A virtual reality event is an experience like none other. The first time you slip on a headset – oculus, HTC vive – you quickly realize how this technological experience will be unmatched by anything you’ve tried before.

The first time I tried virtual reality I couldn’t handle it. But because it was so powerful I literally almost was knocked off my feet, I gravitated to it and began to use it more and more until I got over the initial shock of having the hardwiring of your brain called into question.

Over the past few years, virtual reality has emerged first very loudly, but now it has gotten much quieter. The reason for this is that the future of virtual reality at the consumer level truly resides in the ability to make it operate at a high, zero screen door effect, level on your mobile device. That is currently still quite a few years off.

However that doesn’t mean the technology isn’t good and already out there. The trick is to use it the right way. Why hassle with finding the right computer with the right graphics card, installing a bunch of software, setting up and maintaining headsets, hand controllers, remote controllers, and game pads? This is all before you have a single virtual reality experience other than the opening demo.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just hire a team of experts to install and use for you, your guests, at your event, party, conference, or any other type of event in your life? VR Visage is you team, and we’ve proven the ability to not just provide a service, but quite literally turn heads and open eyes.

The Concept

It first starts with a cool party idea, a brand, or a personality to your event. Virtual reality is a cool experience, but it can be drowned out if you don’t focus on what type of experience you want your guests to have. For instance, we hosted a party for the Subaru National Conference in 2017. You can bet the pressure was on to deliver. So, we came up with the beerfest theme, and tapped into the Colorado extreme sports world. This meant that everything, from the half pipe, trampoline dancers, drone cage, and virtual reality stations all were branded and decorated in a way that made everyone feel like they¬†were hanging at the bottom of the lifts in a luxury venue.

A focused concept that derives from your primary objective for having the event in the first place can be directly translated into your virtual reality experience. Do you want something custom-designed? Do you have a vision for it and want us to give you samples, test it out before your event? That is what we do.

The Execution

Virtual reality is best executed with the right people managing it. period. The wrong people who are both disconnected from understanding the technology as well as from this being your first experience, will not instill excitement in the event like having true professionals and professional event managers involved. The right event starts with the right hosts.

The Product

Even though we’ve never met, if you gave me a good idea of what you were hoping to experience, I guarantee we could both locate or design that experience for you. We’ll deliver that product with ease of use, and no downtime. We’ll make sure it’s running throughout the entire event. That, or your money back.

VR Visage in Denver ensures that no matter where you plan to have your virtual reality event: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or right home in Denver, you’re going to maximize the technology and our event experts will design and deliver every single time.