Your Illinois conference will standout with the addition of a virtual reality activity. VR Visage has worked extensively in Illinois and has an understanding of the event spaces in the major cities of Illinois including Chicago, Rockford, and Springfield. You will have large lines of people interested in the experience, which means increased brand awareness, sales, marketing opportunities and excitement for your own employees. 

VR Visage will customize the experience, layout, and all other items to match your brand with the VR experience. Whether it by way of existing games and experiences, or through the development of custom VR experiences or games, VR Visage will be the perfect complement, and make your space the standout on the conference show floor.


Choose from the most high-performance VR headsets and computing set-ups for your event. Ask us and we will guide you in the right direction. We are always updating our inventory to match the most up to date and cutting edge virtual reality headsets and applications.


What kind of experience do you want people to have? VR Visage cultivates the best games, experiences, and interactive teaching environments that will fit perfectly with your event. Our friendly staff are there to ensure that all attendees are comfortable, safe, and ready to have an immersive experience.

Choose from outer space, or animated and game experiences. You can even have us develop your own custom experience using 3D models and game directions related to your business or event.


VR Visage was created by a passion for technology in the event space. With years experience creating event spaces at trade shows, conferences, and for corporate events, we have seen technology used in 1,000’s of different ways. However, often times there is a disconnect between the technology and the human experience. 

Our mission is to immerse guests into the world of virtual reality so that they leave with a new perspective, and perhaps even a life-changing realization at the wonder of virtual reality. We believe that, in the coming years and through development of our virtual reality applications, trade shows, conferences, and corporate events may be able to stand entirely on their own in the virtual world, saving huge sums of time and money. Until then, we will always bring the best and newest available technology and games, experiences, and the best attitude to any virtual reality event.

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