What Can You Do With A Custom Virtual Reality Environment? 

What Can You Do With A Custom Virtual Reality Environment? 

A trend that is starting to pick up steam within the marketing world is the ability to put your products in a virtual space with a custom virtual reality environment. Whether it be for trade shows, conferences, or training purposes, custom virtual reality content looks like its here to stay. 

So what can your business do with a custom virtual reality environment? Well lets look at a few options that VR Visage has worked on in the past year. First, what if you run a company that helps people, but it is reliant on charitable contributions? There are many things you can do, one we suggest is to make an environment with interactive keys. What we mean by this is imagine your company gives money to supply food, you can make the refrigerator an active key where when using hand controls you can open and show a stocked fridge due to the money your donors have given. Another idea for this same donor situation is to have actors or characters pop up and tell a story of how it has personally effected them.

Second, what if you are a company with many products but not the space at trade shows to show off all of the great things you produce? Easy, what we would suggest is a virtual store. The development team could replicate pretty much whatever you would like your shop to look like, giving you the freedom to have your whole line on display while keeping space to a minimum at conferences, trade shows, events, etc. 

Lastly, what if you are a company looking to train your staff on certain situations or products? VR Visage has worked with multiple large companies to create a genuine simulation as to what you will face in real life positions. Whether it be a large machine or a personal conflict, creating simulations with multiple options and outcomes is available in the custom virtual reality realm. 

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