AR Product Experience

Augmented Reality Product Experience

Has your company ever considered an augmented reality application for its product line to give a customer an experience like they’ve never seen before? Not only is an augmented reality(AR) application an idea to attract people to your brand by using a new marketing tool, but it is also a very powerful and useful tool to harness.

Imagine your customers having the ability to place your products in their own home where they would position them if they purchased them. An AR application can change the products color, position, and material. Again imagine your customers trying on all the engagement rings your company has in its line, using the power of their smart phone. AR makes this dream a reality, and makes online shopping for items much easier to do, translating into higher sales for your company.

Augmented Reality Applications offers a new way to look at projects. Augmented reality allows you to easily access a model or design and place it into a real space using a device as simple as a smartphone. VR Visage comes from a background in game development and digital media, combining the two elements to create custom augmented reality content for clients.

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Our Process



Pre-Production of your augmented reality application is what we call our “Conceptual Design Phase.” During this phase we sketch and design what your augmented reality will look like, utilizing 3D modeling we can give a visualization of the application environment. Physics and interactions are laid out in this stage, as well as other gameplay elements. We also start on the texturizing and layering aspects of the augmented reality 3D renders.



Production is our first step in our second phase of your custom augmented reality application, we call this our “Working Demo Phase.” During this phase we bring your ideas to life by getting your application to the final design, testing the interactive features, and allowing the client to see the product.


Development is the second step in our “Working Demo Phase”  of your custom augmented reality application. During this phase we test the augmented reality application and allow our clients to change some elements of the design to guarantee the highest satisfaction of your final product. 


Post-Production is the final phase of the overall development where we add in the final touches. During this phase we add our final sounds and audio, load the product on to the augmented reality device, and deliver the product to our client. In this phase we will also train our clients on how to operate the content and device so you are ready to use it for your customers. 

VR Visage is here to help. Contact us and let us start with a free consultation to get you started on your way to developing your own augmented reality content and applications, available on all major platforms.

Augmented Reality is here to stay. But if you’re jumping into this new technology for your business, whether it be in advertising and marketing, sales, trade shows, or conferences, you need a source of the best information on virtual reality out there. VR Visage is here for you.

Our team is made up of career creatives, with decades of experience delivering traditional video, photography, sound design, motion graphics, and 3D animation and modeling. These, we believe, are the pillars of augmented reality.

Contact us to speak with a virtual reality professional to consult on your project.

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