American Library Association Annual Conference

VR Visage – the virtual reality experience experts, along with, partnered to deliver the Drone Cage Experience at the American Library Association’s annual conference in Chicago, Illinois. Nestled next to the likes of Google and Oculus, we were tasked with delivering a unique, fun, competitive drone flying experience to engage people on the piloting and use of drones.

The focus of the conference was to promote ideas that will enhance the future of libraries across the United States, and more appropriately align with a young generation of tech savvy, new learners.

The drone cage featured a city theme and race track, allowing pilots to navigate a challenging course for time trials. The winner received a free mini drone that they took home with them after the race. Throughout the conference, the line was consistently long but fast-moving.

Stacie Ledden of Colorado and of “AnyThink Libraries” described the drone cage as “an entirely new way of engaging people I’ve not seen before. We will definitely be in touch regarding ways to enhance our library experience in our home state of Colorado.”

Offering virtual reality and drone cage experiences has been our core offering for 3 years, and we continue to advance the types of services and experiences that we offer. Get in touch today to find out more information about having one of these experiences come to you!