A Message From Our Partner (AOPYO)

A Message From Our Partner (AOPYO)

The Social Media Challenge comes from Colorado Humanities who provide resources to sustain Colorado public humanities and has chosen AOPYO YAC Value Of Life call to action combating youth violence while addressing mental health to showcase and increase public awareness about the movement with the intention of growing the community support!

YAC story begins last Aug/Sept 2019 with the members creating positive messages to reduce mental health stigma through the innovation of fashion and or apparel to tell their story to address changing the negative narrative associated with those who may ask for help.

During the Fall our YAC members delivered a mental health stigma workshop at the Wellness Conference to collect feedback from both youth as well as adults to be featured on apparel that is currently being completed.

Throughout the year our YAC members led workshops and collected more feedback on community members’ experiences related to mental health at the Aurora Town Center Mall at the AOPYO Booth.

Unfortunately, in both Nov & Dec of 2019 two violent incidents occurred with our YAC members present that included a fatality.

That sprung our organization as well as the YAC members into action to begin combating youth violence while addressing the element of mental health within the conversation through the Value Of Life call to action movement!

AOPYO YAC officially shared the Value Of Life call to action in the May 2020 City of Denver Youth Commission Virtual Town Hall. To later go on to deliver AOPYO YAC Virtual Town Hall on June 10th 2020 where they shared the Value Of Life call to action evolution to all community partners as an action based strategy to change the narrative of how we view our lives in hope to stop the violence youth – adults. In the Fall of 2020, the AOPYO YAC will launch city wide throughout Denver as the call to action for the Youth Commission on Gun Violence Committee. A variety of other partner sites will also launch this Fall the Value Of Life call to action locally but not limited to Aurora (Cherry Creek & Aurora School Districts), nationally (Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Minneapolis), and globally (Mali in Africa).

YAC members continue preparing for all activities related to the Value Of Life throughout the summer to ensure the momentum continues alongside spreading the word for continued support.

Thus, one of the first ways community members and or organizations can support includes the Social Media Challenge, spreading the word (video link) to their colleagues “Like it”, and contact me personally for other avenues to support the AOPYO YAC humanistic approach movement that is authentic versus be apart of the empty messages being circulated currently for hype purposes!

Please click on the Facebook page below now through 11:59 p.m. on July 16. Invite your communities to like/share the video directly from now through 11:59 p.m. on July 16.

: https://www.facebook.com/cohumanities/videos/223227961996000

Thank you from our AOPYO YAC for your support and continuing the conversation for the Value Of Life call to action!