4 Reasons You Need Virtual Reality In Your Life

4 Reasons You Need Virtual Reality In Your Life

4 Reasons You Need Virtual Reality In Your Life

Virtual reality is becoming a mainstay not only in the gaming community but it’s starting to make it’s way into the marketing world. Businesses from very small to very large are starting to take notice the capabilities that virtual reality has to offer and want to harness it in order to grab another segment of the market they have never been able to. Why is it so powerful you may ask? Well it has an ability to transport a person to another reality where they can interact with what used to be very flat ideas or products and make them as real as the computer in front of you.

Let’s run down 4 reasons that you need to get virtual reality in your life!

1. VR Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not.

 Virtual reality had a few quick runs in the 00’s and the 10’s but it is finally holding on because of the technology of the headsets has caught up with the cameras. Recent advancements are giving the best resolution that we have seen, if it’s video VR or if it’s 3D animated VR. The boost in the technology is creating a huge jump in growth over the past few years from a market standpoint. According to Statista, AR and VR will jump from 27 billion in market size to 210 billion from 2018 to 2022. This is huge for both the private market and public market when it comes to content. The sooner you jump on board and know the technology the better if you’re a developer or a company trying to find the next marketing medium.

2. VR Is Pretty Awesome

 This technology is something you can put on a 10 year old and they think it’s awesome, this is also a technology you can put on an 80 year old and they also think it’s awesome. When was the last time you had that type of range for a technology that was as user friendly as VR headsets? We at VR Visage recently ran an event that featured a heli-skiing virtual reality program, and the amount of middle aged people who were blown away was astounding. They were able to easily grasp the features of the Oculus Go headsets even though it was their first time in VR. This is one of the reasons why virtual reality is primed for take off!

3. VR Is Easy.

 From the moment you put on a new headset, you are given tutorials that let you start on your VR adventure. The interaction with the screen is as easy as pointing and clicking, much like on your computer with a mouse. For example, the oculus controllers let you interact with the environment you are in with the sensor acting as your hand. When you spend 10 minutes getting used to the VR headset, the VR world is limitless!

4. VR Allows You To See Things You’ve Never Been Able To See.

 Want to be front row at your favorite band’s concert? Want to go see the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian Pyramids in a matter of minutes? All you need is a VR headset and the proper applications and boom, there you are! Virtual Reality applications are now being used in hospice situations to let people see the things they have always wanted to see but never were able to. Virtual reality is also being used in burn units in hospitals for the patients to be able to escape and forget about the pain they are experiencing. How great is that? And that’s just the beginning!

These are only 4 reasons why you should run out and jump into the virtual reality market, but you’ll need to find out for yourself. It’s fun, it’s productive, and it’s the future!