3 VR Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

3 VR Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

3 VR Gifts To Give This Holiday Season


It’s almost Thanksgiving, meaning it’s almost Black Friday and that means Christmas shopping will be in full effect. You probably have heard about virtual reality from your tech friends or a young gamer in your family, but VR is a tool for everyone to use, and easy too! So don’t sleep on virtual reality as an avenue for anyone on your list.

VR Visage has put together a list of the top 3 gifts that will light up anyone’s holiday season.


The Go is the newest headset that has been released by Facebook’s Oculus. This is a standalone unit, meaning it doesn’t require a PC or a smart phone to run it. It is also wireless and connects easily to your home network. The oculus app store is easy to navigate to where you can download such applications like Netflix, Showtime, CNN, and HBO. For the gamer in the family you can get great gameplay out of the oculus go, it doesn’t have two controllers nor the interaction that the Rift would have but it is great for the price, starting at 199.99.


This is a tricky one, but for someone who owns a PlayStation 4 it is worth it! At a relatively low price for a headset at 249.00 it offers the owner an ability to play some fun games. Good luck getting your gamer gift recipient out of this headset.  If your VR gift recipient if not a big gamer nor do they have the PlayStation 4, I would steer away from this gift.


The Rift is the premier headset sold by Oculus right now. The Rift has Oculus’s best camera system which allows the user to see the content at the highest resolution. The Oculus Rift comes with two controllers which allows the user to have the most control of their gameplay and the most interaction in the experience. At 399.00 it is the most expensive of the group and it does require a VR ready computer, which is an extra expense if you do not have one, but it is well worth it for the experience.

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