2017 Subaru National Conference – Denver, Colorado

2017 Subaru National Conference – Denver, Colorado

The 2017 Subaru National Conference in Denver, Colorado was one of the most incredible event experiences we’ve had the good fortune of being a part of. The event, located in the River North neighborhood (RINO) in Denver featured a half pipe, trampoline acrobatics, live music, professional athletes, and over 100 staff dedicated to serving premium drinks, food, and desserts.

Our two attractions were 4 virtual reality lounge set-ups and 2 drone cage experiences. The virtual reality lounges were areas where guests could come relax and watch others compete in 2 main attractions. One was rock climbing through different terrain around the world, while the other was the sports champions experience giving people the ability to play quarterback in the NFL, or compete in an NBA three-point shootout.

The drone cage was beerfest-inspired. One cage was for beginner drone pilots, or those new to holding the controls of a drone and featured larger rings to compete and fly through. The other drone cage was the expert drone cage, and was where we held time trials to compete for the best time. Among those competing were the likes of Travis Pastrana and Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis.

The event organizers, Oh Arona Experiences, described the two set-ups as “the main attraction.”

“These were two of the best attractions at this year’s main event. We consistently saw people engaging in both experiences. Not only that, but they came back two, three, four times to try it again. We will definitely be hiring VR Visage again.”

Virtual reality and drone cage experiences are VR Visage’s key services, with years of experience putting them on flawlessly. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming event!