Oculus Start – Giving Tools For Development

Oculus Start – Giving Tools For Development

Facebook has been at the forefront of Virtual Reality development in recent years, from the Oculus Rift to the recently announced Oculus Go. Pushing what we know as virtual comes not only from the headsets and the hardware, but it comes from the advancements in the content that companies and individuals create.

Content creation has always been an exciting part of virtual and augmented reality. But what if you have a fantastic idea but not the tools to make your vision come to virtual life? Whether it be the financial obstacles or the technical obstacles, Oculus is launching a program that is here to help.


Announcing “Oculus Start” the Oculus team took a huge step forward in advancing where virtual reality is going. Oculus Start is now accepting applications from novice and seasoned content developers to give them the tools to create the content that they have always dreamed of.

Just as the internet gave people the ability to reach all corners of the earth with their ideas, to a smaller scale this will give developers the ability to get their content optimized to give consumers a look at things like they never thought was possible.

The virtual reality industry is fairly young, with a few failed attempts to take off in the mainstream of technology, but with commitments like the one the Oculus team is putting forward makes the champions of VR technology very happy and excited about what the future holds. The early adoption stage has past, and now its time for the world to realize the power and usefulness of virtual and augmented reality. The trend line is shooting straight up as we are seeing companies use this technology in their marketing campaigns, and it creates a great way for entrepreneurs to get into the game and make a difference.

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