3 VR Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

3 VR Gifts To Give This Holiday Season   It’s almost Thanksgiving, meaning it’s almost Black Friday and that means Christmas shopping will be in full effect. You probably have heard about virtual reality from your tech friends or a young gamer in your family, but VR is a tool for everyone to use, and […]

VR in the Travel Industry

Applications for VR Use in the Travel Industry Airlines & Rail Companies Giving customers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of an aircraft cabin or railcar is a good way to secure fast bookings. Giving a guided tour of the terminal or station can also help customers become oriented with the check-in and booking [...]

A look at VR App Development

A lot has been made recently about the work that goes into developing a Virtual Reality application. And, if you're a business that's explored developing a VR application, you've no doubt dealt with the headache of getting transparency related to how the development process works and why it costs so much. So VR Visage thought [...]

Virtual Reality In Your Profession

Have you or someone in your department expressed interest in the use of virtual reality for an upcoming project? How about floating around the idea of virtual reality in the training and implementation of a new product or new hire?  These are all questions that are starting to be asked by professionals in a variety […]

Employee Training in Virtual Reality

We at VR Visage have been working with many companies who are interested in custom virtual reality programs to be developed and implemented into training processes. From heavy machinery to small precise objects, virtual reality is a great way to give an interactive view of the item that needs to be trained for and avoid […]

Projects Your Business Can Do In 2018.

When it comes to virtual reality and business applications, growth is at an all time high. From using virtual reality for marketing to supporting training efforts, virtual reality is becoming a mainstay with companies all over the globe. Training Training is a huge expense for all companies but mostly manufacturing companies, with learning how to […]

Virtual Reality’s Role in the Business World.

As virtual and augmented reality become more popular in gaming and entertainment, the technology is beginning to pivot towards business applications. Virtual and augmented reality have started to gain traction with companies looking to expand their reach to a new, younger customer base as well as reduce their footprint at certain events. Marketing is always […]