What to Look Forward to in 2018 for Virtual Reality

What to Look Forward to in 2018 for Virtual Reality

HTC Vive Pro

The most exciting news so far of 2018 has been HTC’s announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show of the new and improved Vive Pro. HTC’s newest edition of their wildly successful Vive will feature built-in earphones, higher resolution in the headset, also the ability to go wireless with the headset which will improve room scale game play. Another feature that we are excited about is the actual fit of the headset. The new HTC Vive pro will have a more comfortable strap to adjust to your face/head. On the original HTC Vive, the headset can get a bit cumbersome, where the new and improved headset should remedy this issue.

Oculus Go

The top competitor of the HTC Vive, the Oculus, will also be coming out with a new headset this year, the Oculus Go. Announced back in October of 2017, it will finally be hitting the shelves this year. The Oculus Go gives the player the ability to go wireless, which like the Vive Pro will help with the room scale capabilities players are looking for. The Oculus Go will have a lower price than the original Oculus, but the quality may be the area where it is lacking from the original headset.

VR Visage is very excited by both announcements as we try to stay on top of all technical advances to provide the best experience and the highest quality for our clients. Contact us today to find out when these products will be available to you from VR Visage!